A new year, a new playlist

Only slightly less belated, here is a playlist to bury 2017 and welcome in the new year. 

Tried breaking down the playlist by mood, if not thematically. The first rough half serving as a eulogy to a difficult year both for me personally and for society. Latter half is celebratory. I'm sorry, maybe if I hadn't woken up the morning of January 1st feeling like hammered shit (Note: Absinthe is meant to be sipped slowly, not chugged like a shot.), this would be a bit more upbeat, clubworthy even! Things being as they are, please use this playlist to approach the new year with cautious optimism.


I am excited to approach this year with reinvigorated enthusiasm for making art and sharing goodies. I am hoping to start printing some stickers and maybe even prints so I'll be sharing progress on some of those. If I feel especially ambitious, maybe even starting a painting. We'll see on that last one though.