Perhaps because it is still the beginning of the year (yeah, I know we are in week 3. Sue me.) or because of today's official opening ceremony to the Soft Apocalypse ©, today seems as good a day as any to launch this little diddy.

Fun! Hoo-Ray!

Oh, but you probably don't know me. And if you do, you are probably wondering why you should continue reading. Fair.

This is Kevin Alcantar's first blog post. Hello, dat me!

I draw, I paint, I drag my mouse across computer screens, and occasionally, I take photographs. A true child of the post-80's excess comedown, I have strong fixations (read: opinions) on dreams, religion, art, politics, film, space, fashion, music and modern furniture (we can all appreciate a nice Hans Wegner Shell Chair, right?). They tend to, more or less, inform just about everything I say, do, and create.

I live in Los Angeles where I am constantly reminded that you are either poor or a silicone semi-android with drawn on Eugene Levy eyebrows that makes a living, “like, as a social media influencer.” That's probably an exaggeration. 

As for why, consider this an invitation then and hopefully we can find a why together.

And if not, fuck it. Maybe I'll help you discover some new art or learn to like a new chair (Like the Wegner Shell Chair!) or convince you to finally check out the modern film masterpiece, and personal favorite, Children of Men after I mention it every other sentence.

All of that is just a long winded way of me saying hello world! I am excited to share my art and endless opinions (I have many of them) with you.

Here is a work in progress photo of my painting "La Vida Onirica" as a preview but mainly as a way to shame myself into finally finishing it.

 "La Vida Onirica" 3' x 4' Acrylic and Oil on Canvas. Work in progress.

"La Vida Onirica" 3' x 4' Acrylic and Oil on Canvas. Work in progress.