2013 - Present

     Beginning at age of 13, I have had numerous experiences with lucid dreaming, sleep paralysis and night terrors. I began keeping a journal detailing many of the dreams I have had since.

     Oneiric and Relics takes objects and scenes from these lucid dream experiences and recontextualizes them in the Eastern Christian, Roman Catholic, and Buddhist tradition of reliquaries or stupas. The viewer is forced to contemplate on the importance of the selected objects and why they were selected. Relics poses the question: "What is worthy of veneration?"

Dream Painting (La Vida Onirica)

Acrylic and Oil on Canvas


Dream Relic (Sweet Misery)

Oil on Canvas


Dream Relic (Golden Years)

Oil on Canvas


Dream Relic (A Portrait of a Young Comet)

Oil on Canvas Board


Dream Relic (Cold: Red and Blue)

Oil on Canvas